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Any activity carried out in a property (whether it is a premises, a flat or an industrial warehouse) must comply with a series of rules, both general and specific to each activity. Without wishing to be exhaustive, it will be necessary to comply with at least:

The use and conditions of the premises must be in accordance with the urban ordinances, which establish different uses and regulations depending on the specific location of the property.

  • Sufficient fire safety measures must be in place.
  • Lighting, ventilation and health conditions must be those required by regulations.
  • Installations, including electrical, elevators, etc.
  • They must comply with the regulations.
  • The safety and health standards for workers must be complied with.
  • Environmental protection regulations must be complied with (pollution, water evacuation, discharges, toxic products, noise).
  • Facilities must be accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Steel is a "commodity" so its price has an international reference and greater stability.
  • Its weight-resistance-cost ratio is more efficient.
  • The aesthetics of the building is decided by the project.
  • From an energy saving point of view, the system offers a big difference in its favor in the cost of maintenance, despite having a similar initial cost.

Since the profiles are separated between 40 and 60 cm, the waves pass between them, without effecting any type of wave interference.

The Galvanized Steel structure offers better protection to the building against
to electrical storms since, due to its characteristics, it has a better setting
grounded, reducing the possibility of accidents in this regard.

The concept of "skeleton" and the characteristics described above
positioned as ideal for earthquakes since it has less mass and
inertia but, at the same time, a great resistance of each of its
components, which is enhanced when the final structure is finished by
its overall behavior.

The fixation will depend on the weight of the elements to hang. The elements of
light weight can be hung directly to the gypsum rock plate. The
very heavy objects can be attached to the steel studs which are
Easily located with a metal detector.



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